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Good video talking about what food to carry in your bug out bag (BOB). You may be surprised as to what the host suggests.

Be Prepared Not Scared

He does raise an interesting point. I think I’d still want to augment the choice with some meat, maybe a couple of those Hormel Completes meals.

Noodles are fine providing you have plenty of water, not that good in arid/desert conditions where water might be scarce.
For Arctic conditions more calories can be added by melting in butter or ghee to the noodles as can dried meat smoked sausage or salami etc.

I do agree that noodles are a bit dry on their own but if you take some of your water that you already are carrying to drink and use to boil the noodles and add a season packet you will now not only have soft noodles but also have the electrolyte drink to consume. Do not toss the boiled noodle water out. Drink it!

Also I completely agree adding some Hormel Completes would help balance having some additional protein and not just noodles. The key point I think the host of the video is making is MRE’s are bulky and heavy. Canned beans are heavy and cumbersome in a pack. The noodles can take up a lot less space and weight when you are needing to have the space for other items in your pack like a first aid kit or tools to build shelter etc..